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Appalachia Summer/Fall 2017 Issue: Revisiting tales from the White Mountains to New Mexico

Since 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club's journal Appalachia has delivered inspired writing on mountain exploration, ecology, and conservation; news about international mountaineering expeditions; analysis of northeastern mountaineering accidents; and much more.

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The Great Bicycle Expedition
Three teens, 600 miles, and $15

A woman follows Willa Cather's inspiration to a remote New Mexico park

A Woman in the Woods, Working
A trail leader learns to trust her own steady hand

Lady and the Camp
A lost uncle and found wilderness

The Retired Fire Warden
Elissa Ely on finding purpose

Elk in the spokies
Adventures with a reintroduced herd

The Guides All Knew Eachother
Maine river camps, 1890-1935

Also: Postcard Poetry, 1924. The Old Bridle Path. "Free man past Mondays." Four wild rivers.

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