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Appalachia Winter/Spring 2018

Since 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club's journal Appalachia has delivered inspired writing on mountain exploration, ecology, and conservation; news about international mountaineering expeditions; analysis of northeastern mountaineering accidents; and much more.

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-Mount Washington's Quirky Record Holder: A writer follows the intensity of Alton Weagle. By Dan Szcesny -Tragedy at Skyline - September 17, 1967: One who was there investigates. By David Govatski -Climbers Who Volunteer: Everest climber and White Mountains fixture Rick Wilcox Reflects. By Eric Eisele -Weakness in Numbers: How a hiking partner can be dangerous. By Ty Gagne -The First Women on Katahdin: Was it a race or merely an exciting phase? By William Geller -I'll Have the Usual: Mount Monadnock always Delivers. By Marty Carlock -Supporting a Mountain as It Changes: People, Climate, and the absence of trees. By Caroline Ailanthus -See One, Do One, Teach One: The path branches a lot. By Elissa Ely -How I Died Hiking: An imagined story that could happen to anyone. By Mike Cherim. -Backwaters: A writing mentor surfaces. By Jeff Debellis